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Week 4 Bachelorette Recap (Charity)

Hey Bach Babe,

You ready for a week 4 Bachelorette recap?! Let’s do it…

1:1 date: DOTUN

Alright, he’s the guy, He’s been flying under the radar, and I predict he is the one who she says yes to in the end. He is so sweet, and not dramatic, and they have a tonnn of chemistry. Of course, flying off a ledge with someone will OBVIOUSLY bring some closeness (adrenaline dates are almost always conducive to bonding.)

But he seems to really be in it for Charity, and since Aaron B has turned out to be a lil b, I am voting for him as her husband. Their energy is similar, and I feel like they probably wouldn’t be the most outgoing/risk taking couple–but they work. And I think she wants someone calm like that.

8/10 stars


Listen, you know I live for a man in flannel–literally Christian’s entire wardrobe–and while I’m generally opposed to the whole format of competing for a date, I am here for this one. Mostly because this was the process I used to filter men as I dated, lol.


Correct answer only: “a real man knows that no man can reasonably protect you from a bear” — my husband.

No surprise I end up with a man who spent like 8 years living in the Arizona desert; cultivating wilderness skills, and deeply respecting the earth, WHILE ALSO rehabilitating at-risk youth. Yeah, I know, he’s the whole package.

This is the first time I’ve REALLY disliked Brayden. He has zero comprehension of how to live outdoors and it’s the worst quality he has, tbh. YOU STAY ON THE TRAIL TO PROTECT THE FLORA AND FAUNA OF THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.

Caleb wins for best dressed out there.

Brayden choosing to go home was actually great, though. I don’t see him as “playing the victim,” because he said from the beginning that he was skeptical, and he recognized that this process was not conducive to how he wanted to build a relationship. (Which btw, it’s not.) So I have mad respect for him. He’s not toxic and I SWEAR people just use that term for people they don’t like…


Joey getting the group date rose is unsurprising, and he’s adorable. I also like him for her, and I hope he makes it at least to hometowns. I predict she breaks his heart and he gets picked as next Bachelor. Which I honestly would not watch unless he grows a personality before then. Or gets coached into being more interesting. Luckily I know of a great coach that helps singles step into their confidence and unlocks themselves….;)

Me. It’s me. I’m the coach.

Group date 6/10

1:1 date: XAVIER

First question, did he knit his own sweater? Bc I’d love that, lol.

He is a CHARMER, that’s for sure. I think he’s an absolute sweetheart, but here’s something unpopular about what he said: looking for a wife who can be your “everything” is in fact, not healthy. I get what he’s seeing modeled for him with his parents, and I understand where this sentiment comes from and what’s at the core–but that kind of self-sacrificial intention WILL lead to codependence…at best.

And to FURTHER ruffle some feathers here–studying infidelity (as is one of Charity’s self-proclaimed worst fears,) the MOST COMMON reason why people cheat is actually not because they’re low-life, horrible, abusive, terrible people. No, this is NOT to excuse when it happens, or to minimize how awful it can be. But HAVING BEEN CHEATED ON IN A PAST RELATIONSHIP, and understanding the psychology of what’s (usually) underneath it, research shows that it’s most often a compulsion to regain a sense of IDENTITY. According to therapist and relationship expert Esther Perel, even happy people in good relationships are not immune to cheating if they feel like they have lost or can’t express parts of themselves.

See why I’m so skeptical of him? And I think Charity probably knows this to an extent with her background–although it doesn’t seem like she is fully conscious of it yet. I’m rooting for her, though and go back to my previous endorsement of Dotun.



Okay so obviously Sean and Brayden are competing for who can style an ugly scarf the worst. They both win, equally. Or better said, they both lose.

Brayden coming back though was 1,000%  a stunt and not his doing. This was contrived, and petty AF. This show will really do anything to get some attention. And the men all going out after him? Also super contrived and frankly weird. I don’t see that any of those guys would ever do that IRL. What really got me about this whole exchange though was WHY Brayden got like a party bus to ride back in, lol. Like that probably how they bribed him to coming back to create unnecessary drama.

And it’s funny to me that John and Sean and Aaron B went the hardest on this. She wasn’t ever going to pick any of them (except maybe Aaron B in the beginning–probably not now.) I know the internet LOVES John, but Charity basically only ever made out with him. Although how Sean got the rose over Caleb or Michael is beyond me. Granted, we have literally never even seen Charity and Caleb speak…but I loved him. He was the most fun. And Sean is absolutely my least favorite person on this season.

I give this date a 4/10 because it DID give a plethora of great memes.



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