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The Wealthy Woman's Dating Handbook

 This ebook is artfully crafted to teach WEALTHY WOMEN everything you need to know about landing your man, without compromising your success.

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Are you feeling lost trying to navigate the waters of finding love?

You need a man who can challenge you, without competing. You need the healthy masculine that can lead without being dominating, and who will take care of you without being threatened by you. Life EXPANDS with the right partner by your side, and you were designed for intimacy WITH commitment and life-long companionship. Which I know feels…impossible for women today. Having it all feels like DOING IT ALL–by yourself.


This is the question I get asked the most, and you might be surprised at the answer! Inside the Wealthy Woman’s Dating Handbook, you will find practical–and most importantly, NATURAL–situations to find an aligned partner. 

Hi I'm Liv and I'm basically the love goddess...


I’m a dating coach and relationship expert, and it’s my job to help singles like you find love.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve helped singles who have never had a relationship build their first.

Women who were in abusive relationships get married to a mature and safe man.

Not to mention the divorcees that have reignighted their diminished hopes for love working out, and the situationships my clients have extinguished for good in order to step into a lasting commitment.

Dating in 2023 is different than it ever was for your parents or their parents. In the last 15 years, our culture has revolutionized how we interact. You’re no longer restricted by location or circumstance. You can live in Denver and connect with someone in NYC. It’s incredible to have so many types of people at your fingertips. But that doesn’t come without challenges, as I’m sure you know well…

So I’ve taken the HIGHLIGHTS of what I work with my clients on, and I put them into a digestible ebook for you to reference and come back to again and again.

Inside the handbook:

This handbook is FULL of practical advice, success stories of women who have actively applied these principles, and guided journal question so that YOU can apply them, too.

Don’t you want to become my next success story?!

Other women this advice has worked for:

Audrie — came to me feeling “too busy” for love; When she CREATED space, she met her husband on a dating app

Micaela — was juggling a few guys at once because NONE were right. When she let them all go, she was asked out by a friend who became her husband

Jaimie — asked for help when a situationship was leaving her feeling empty. After she ended it, someone who was ready to commit came into the picture

Krysta — was in abusive relationship. She moved through the trauma of her past to find the man she’s always wanted, being loved in a way that’s safe

Have questions?

Feel free to contact me directly:

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