Liv Talley | NYC's Premier Dating Coach and LOVE QUEEN

Limitless Lifestyle INC Coaching Certification

A six-month coaching certification program by Liv Talley

Unlike any coaching program out there, we teach you to :

  1. Become a masterful coach
  2. Build an EMPIRE that supports your dream lifestyle
  3. Create profitability in coaching

Are you here because...

  • You want to have an impact and want to help, but just don’t know how? You have deep values of service and love of others. But, it’s almost from a place of self-sacrifice, thinking you can’t benefit from the service others (both can be true).
  • You know DO know how to coach and support, but you don’t have a profitable business? This results in your business being a side hustle, which is exhausting and not in service to you or your clients.
  • You are ready to rewrite what it means to be in service to others? You may have believed, up until today, that giving things away for free is altruistic. But let’s get real: no one takes things that they receive for free seriously. What’s REALLY in service?
  • You want to see a complete inside look at a million dollar business? I have built that myself, against all odds. I don’t have a viral website, an Instagram verification, or a trust fund. And I didn’t need any of them, and neither do you. This is THE container to become part of my inner circle; see what is (and isn’t) involved in every working of my business.

Here's what a successful + impactful coaching business unlocks...

Freedom to travel

I can travel anywhere in the world, whenever I want. And I do, regularly. In fact, my husband and I are moving to Paris in May.

Impact for others

Good coaching is tailored to the client, and helps them get the most out of it, and bring their vision to reality.

Financial abundance

Straight up: I’ve made over a million dollars in sales since starting my coaching business. In this business, the sky is the limit.

What makes the difference

Unlike any other coaching certification out there, we make you a premium coach, AS WELL AS build you a premium coaching business.

The Liv Talley three pillar method:

1- Learn my proven coaching methodologies

My clients have changed their lives (and relationship statuses, and bank accounts) right before my eyes. My coaching methods have broken generational beliefs, habits, identities, and set my clients free from what doesn’t serve them to reach their dream life. 

Learn what to ask your clients, how to coach them, and so on, to get them the same results. Starting here means saying goodbye to imposter syndrome.

2- Build a coaching business

You won’t walk away with a certification. You’ll walk away with a business that’s operational, clear, and with a plan. It’s concrete, tangible, and clear what you walk away with.

3- Creating profit in your business

I have tapped into the magic of high-ticket sales. I’ve learned what it takes to sell something for tens of thousands of dollars to people who feel good paying it. By contrast, I see so many coaches charging low prices and STILL not successfully converting people. This leads them to burn out, and no one benefits. I will teach you how to sell high-ticket, from a place of service. 

How much is the program?
or 6 payments of $2,222

How much will I show you how to make?

A million, just to start 😉

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