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RENAISSANCE: A Rebirth of the Soul


Your life is the masterpiece of your making. What you can hold in your mind, can be seen by your eyes…

In order to bring it forward, it’s required of you to hold the vision as long as it takes to “hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition.”

And you must get to work.

Consistent, inspired action in the carving away of those pieces of your self, life, mindset, and belief system that don’t belong in the Masterpiece is you ONLY work worth doing.

It’s simple, but requires great determination, skills, persistence, and passion to shed the layers of the past and reveal the beauty crying out to be seen, and loved, and appreciated underneath.


Building Your Masterpiece

Start HERE to create clarity for yourself, about yourself, and what you want out of life!

MY VISION IS: Miraculous

  1. Journal out your vision
  2. Create a new VISION BOARD
  4. Make a list of the 10 most unimaginable, incredible, miraculous outcomes you want to see happen in the next 6-18 months
  5. Can you picture yourself as the type of person who has these outcomes? What does this version of you do/think/have that's different from who you are now?

Hello love…

I’m so glad you’re here! This RENAISSANCE is a coming back to softness. To beauty and creativity from a place of love…

THE APHRODITE EFFECT is about falling in love with every aspect of your life

And by delving deep into the tenderness of what it means to craft the details of your the reality you choose to experience, you exude this magnetism that can’t help but draw people to you; people who will love and adore you.

Imagine, for a moment: men who can’t HELP but fall head over heels for you. Lining up to get the chance to date you.

Not just any guy, though. Quality, high value men. Sexy, exciting, and still emotionally safe + reliable guys asking for the opportunity to build an empire WITH YOU–as equal partners.

This effect is an unspoken enchantment. Almost its own power. Yielded by you, for the expansion and pouring in of love in every aspect of your life. The power of YES, AND. 

Becoming the woman who has it ALL: the career, the success, the wealth, the loving husband, and the kids you can’t get enough of.

You get to be the rich bitch you are, AND the amazing mom who raises her kids in equal partnership with her husband. No more “either, or” or guilt or loneliness or waiting around wondering if Mr Right For You will ever come around.

So let’s dive in!


Channeling Your Inner Goddess:

Once you’re clear on your VISION of what you want out of life, it’s time to build your self-image to SEE it become your reality


You ARE the one people fawn over. YOU are the reason gets get written and statues get built. Your beauty is unparalleled and essence is sacred.

Like Michelangelo’s marble, you are carved delicately, and strong. You were built to withstand storms and wars and time. You remain ageless because your mark on the world is forever. 

1. IDENTITY (Dive into the Self-Image Course — password: maincharacter222)

Declare your identity. YOU get to choose to be the one who things always work out for. You can decide that you get to be loved and appreciated and seen and accepted. These are never things that will be GIVEN you externally–they’re only ever allowed by you by the way you feel about yourself.

So decide to be the goddess. Choose to be loved. Allow yourself to feel the feelings of being poured into so much that you overflow and pour into others. Love starts within–it’s yours to give and receive.

No amount of love or validation from others will TRULY resonate with you–long term–and on a deep, transformative level, until you know how to believe it. And to believe it means that you extend it to yourself through SELF COMPASSION.

2. Understanding/applying self-compassion
Have you fully made peace with your past? Have you gained awareness around your FIRST perception of what love means?

From utero to age 7, you are ABSORBING and trying to conceptualize your role in the world based on what you are seeing and hearing. As a child, you watched your parents/caretakers and decided who you needed to be in order to be loved. If your parents and upbringing were chaotic and dysfunctional, you would have internalized that as “normal” and are playing that out in your romantic endeavors.

Even if your parents were happy and healthy, you still absorbed so much through a child’s brain that very likely, you misunderstood a lot of things. The point is: you can relearn ANYTHING that doesn’t serve the outcomes you want now. You just have to be forgiving and kind to your child understanding.

Which is why self-compassion is so important! Let’s break it down together:


  • Mindfulness (becoming AWARE of the perceptions you internalized at a young age and how they are playing out in your adult life.)
  • Forgiveness (being OKAY with what you believed/misunderstood and holding grace for what consequences came from those beliefs)
  • Acceptance (allowing space for everything to be what it IS, so that you can change whatever you want moving forward. You can do/be/have whatever you want without judgement.)

Your identity is a DECISION. When it’s made from a place of love and compassion–it can’t be undermined by others…


"Fortune is a woman; and she favours a strong, ambitious hand" - Machiavelli

Becoming the “lucky girl” means BELIEVING you are already her…use this section to train your mentality to think in the best possible outcomes

.Do you know how to get what you want, or something better (Lucky AF Course — password: 2023vision) EVERY TIME?

The SCIENCE of getting everything you want is proven effective and formulaic. It’s faith in action. And it’s a belief that validates itself with commited endurance. It’s BOLDNESS and ambition. Of course, you already know a thing or two about that–you take risks and you likely think like Machiavelli that: “Fortune only rules one half of men’s fate, the other half being of their own will.”

While a Greek Goddess may not necessarily be controlling half the outcome, your ability to get what you want–ESPECIALLY when it comes to dating and relationships–is two pieces:

1. Your belief system//the vision you allow yourself to hold
2. The action you take

And I’ve broken it down for you into 3 training videos and guided journal questions. See the LUCKY AF “VISION” Workshop for more.


Attracting A High Value Partner:

Getting the life you want INCLUDES getting the love you want. Use this section for guidance on building your confidence and relationship skills

WHY do people tell you to “become the person you want to find”? It’s actually not because you have to have all the qualities you want in someone else–it’s more so about the ability to be self-aware and know what YOU are offering, so that you can see clearly the types of companions that would complement and expand you.

So you’re about to dive into: Becoming Your Best Option THE signature program of my entire business. It has been the catalyst not ONLY for so many marriages (including my own) but it helps guide you to be able to build a HAPPY, FULFILLING relationship that–if consciously nurtured over time–will only get better and better.

Attracting a high-value partner is coming from within you. If you don’t get YOU right, first, you’ll reject the good and call in the chaos. You’ll accept less than you want.

It’s not going to the right single’s activity or using the right app that will bring you a loving, genuine partner–and here’s why:


Anyone can have an app profile. Anyone can go to a bar/party/etc. So the caliber of person who you’ll find there will DRASTICALLY vary. And that just honestly creates a lot more work for you than necessary.

Instead, when you go through the BYBO program and feel rooted into who you are/who you want to be, and you get clear on the life you want to build and the vision of what you’re building–now you’re not going to just do whatever to find someone because you’re afraid you’ll never find someone.

You go where YOU most genuinely want to be. You explore your own hobbies and ideas and passions and AS YOU DO, as you live your most intentional life–you’ll come across like-minded people who want what you want. 

Coming across the types of singles YOU want to give the time of day to is a matter of quality, not quantity of opportunities to meet someone.

 The absolute truth is you can be married right now if you want to be. So look at your priorities. Look at the stories you’re telling about marriage and finding your forever person. You GET to connect with someone at any point, and if you haven’t yet–there’s something within you that is rejecting having a partner…

When you decide you’re ready and you’re open to it and you’re who you want to be inside a marriage–you’ll come across the types of people that would make a great spouse for you! You really don’t need to worry about the “how” of this part. Trust, and decide, and let God work behind the scenes to inspire you with ideas or invitations for events and all the incredible things that will take place to bring you to people to connect with.


EXPANSION (building your empire, together)

With clarity, confidence, relationships skills–use this section to EXPAND your empire

Time to revisit your VISION, babe.

Are you actively building it in a way that holds space for a partner? Or you blocking partnership by believing help/support/companionship is irrelevant?

Are you telling the (UNTRUE) story that you don’t need anyone and you look down on the idea of being “taken care of”?

Building WITH someone is about aligning with what you want to expand NOW. If you’re bitter and cynical and telling yourself that you *have* to do everything yourself–guess what? Having a partner will only EXPAND those feelings. The idea that getting married or having a partner will save you from negative emotions that you’re feeling is a lie.

YES, a good partner can and will support you AS YOU PROCESS HARD THINGS. Yes, a supportive and loving partner who can accept you entirely as you are AND calls you to more/works themselves on growing all the time will help heal deep deep wounds that you allow to be healed.

But they won’t “heal” you. They won’t “fix” you. They won’t save you–and it’s not their job to try. If you expect them to or demand it, you’ll put too much pressure on them and you’ll be disappointed and frustrated.

The harder you each, individually work on your own shit–and ask for support when needed as you work through it yourself (ideally with a coach or mentor or possibly a therapist)–the easier your marriage will be and the more energy you both have to work on the lifestyle you’re building together!!

NOTE: that does not mean you’ll never disagree or have fights. It means you can hold space to disagree, and even get closer BECAUSE of your disagreements…


1. What do you want to build? What do you want your life to look like in 5, 10, and 30 years? Write about each stage of life and what you envision. Give as much detail as possible per scene and ask yourself: WHAT ELSE?
2. When do you want to be married? Why do you want to be married at that time? WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE when you find your partner?
3. When do you want to have kids? Do you want to have kids? Why or why not?
4. What kind of life do you want for your family? What is your financial situation?
5. What home dynamic do you want to consciously choose with your spouse? Do you both choose to be home? How much do you want to work VS take time to be with your family or having experiences like family vacations?
6. Where do you live? Why do you choose to live there?
7. Do you choose to pay for support around the house? A nanny? A cleaner? Do you invest in private school or 
8. What do you want to leave behind? What’s the legacy you’re leaving for generations to come?

Yes–there are a LOT of questions here, and answering them all should take some time. Even a few days or a couple of weeks to completely get through. This isn’t something to rush to check off your to-do list, but rather to create space to dream about, get inspired by, and be really, REALLY clear about.

The goal here is to imagine something SO incredible that you can’t help but run towards it. And when you decide you’re ready, to have someone run alongside you…

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