Creating Lasting Attraction Workbook


Creating Lasting Attraction starts with identifying what makes you truly feel loved…

NOW you have the opportunity to map out your ideal connection, and how to get it!

In this self-paced option, you have the ability to download the online workbook, to outline your needs and design your long-lasting relationship.



Attraction is a multi-faceted and delicate connection that exists to bond you deeply to another person. Minimizing it to something as simple as “who you think is hot” undermines the true value of attraction.

Used properly, it is the foundation on which you’ll build forever connections and LEARN TO IDENTIFY who those people are for you.

No more guessing, no more struggling with the question “am I too picky?”

Just confidence in who you best connect with and the ability to build that connection when you meet them.

3 reviews for Creating Lasting Attraction Workbook

  1. Michael

    This is life changing and a pure and true motivation to find yourself. You don’t learn the dry texts that can be repeated to find a girl but you are taught how to find the girl you are attracted to and the girl that is attracted to you by being yourself (The person God created) –Michael

  2. Audrie F

    Before deciding to join this workshop, I was well aware of some major disconnect in my current relationship, and it was something I knew was in my power to change. I also knew I was missing some concrete and foundational aspects in myself that I needed to invest time in learning. Throughout the course of this brilliantly crafted workshop, not only was I able to apply what I learned immediately in my current relationship, but I was also able to discover and learn more about myself, what I deserve, how to set boundaries, and how to find the proper balance in making connections in all relationships. It was truly invaluable. Thank you, Liv, for your time and effort in investing in me, so I can learn the importance of investing in myself! –Audrie

  3. Jamie

    For most of my dating life, I’ve held an idea of what I think I want in a partner which has led me to several unhealthy relationships with emotionally unavailable men. Liv’s course helped me be honest with myself, recognize and define what my needs really are, and acknowledge that my dating habits need some fine-tuning if I want to build something lasting and fulfilling– and I do! The course helped me feel more confident in my ability to move forward and do just that. I was able to end a long “situationship” I’ve had with someone who wasn’t meeting my basic needs that ultimately would not have been fulfilling. I’m looking forward to being more intentional in my dating and finding someone who is also ready to build something great! –Jamie

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