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Do you know that money is the NUMBER ONE catalyst for breakups?

Too many people neglect their relationship with money and it DIRECTLY impacts their romantic relationships (and often all other relationships as well–including with oneself.)

Waiting to figure out finances until you are married is very risky; and if not properly cared for, can destroy your marriage.

DON’T WAIT to cross that bridge until it has the power to derail your love life…develop a healthy relationship with your finances now, and watch your dating life flourish!

I can tell you from experience, this will also help your marriage thrive as well, because you already have your goals, boundaries, and expectations established to share with someone else.

You are constantly telling yourself a story.
Do you “live below your means” but never seem to be able to raise your means?
Do you say NO to what you really want, because you can’t fathom being able to have it?
Do you want to learn how to make your INCOME match your dream life?

Rewrite your story with me in my self study course: Break-up With Being Broke

Your relationship with money impacts your interpersonal relationships.

It is often a tangible reflection of how you feel about yourself.

My name is Liv and I’m a dating expert.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been building a coaching business to help LDS Singles work to build their confidence and find their eternal companions.

As of today, I’m excited to share that the MAJORITY of my clients  have started building a new, loving relationship while we worked together.

I saw 2 weddings and 3 engagements in 2021 alone…

(That’s within just a YEAR of doing this full time.)

And as I’ve worked with singles, there has been a consistent barrier that I’ve noticed impacts their success:
(And how they feel about it, specifically.)

I’ve seen INCREDIBLE guys get dumped for not making enough, and I’ve seen some of the most AMAZING women reject themselves because they don’t believe they deserve better.

That’s why I’ve created a new workshop that will help you both HEAL your internal relationship with money, and actually learn how (and WHY) you can have more than you’ve been settling for…

You don’t have to limit what your receive in life. This workshop will show you how to step into abundance.

I believe God made us to be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams…in love and in life!

Have you ever considered that the core reason of why you struggle financially–or simply not being where you WANT to be–is the same as why you aren’t where you want to be romantically?

In my early 20’s, I would deprive myself of so much because I “couldn’t afford it.”

I would only grocery shop for the essentials (Target was considered luxury,) I’d turn down invitations to go with my friends on cruises, clothes shopping was a trip to the DI, and I’d live in the crappy, tiny apartments with 5 other girls…

There were months that I couldn’t even pay that low of rent, and had to ask my bishop for help.

It was so humiliating to me, that I didn’t even tell anyone until I met my husband!!

“I’m so frickin poor” was the soundtrack to my mind.

And when it came to how I pursued relationships—I acted out the same lack-based patterns.

In fact, for almost 6 months I would say yes to dates solely because it was a free meal. YIKES I KNOW!

It’s absolutely not a coincidence that my love life changed the same time that my finances did.

Building my internal relationship with money is how I built my confidence in pursuing the life I want, and this program is designed to support you in doing the same!

This live video training goes over the same process I followed to heal all the damage my unhealthy relationship caused, how my bank account reflects that, and why the same is possible for you…

What’s included in the workshop:

This was a LIVE video training workshop over 4 weeks in January, 2022.

You’ll have access to the program page, where all the video recordings are hosted, and where you’ll find all kinds of powerful journal prompts for:

  • understanding your own relationship with money
  • creating new beliefs for yourself
  • building your confidence
  • support for your goals, and boundaries when it comes to money (and how to communicate them with a partner!)
  • seeing new ways The Lord can bless you

PLUS you’ll be able to download the highly impactful WORKBOOK to fill out and move through your limiting beliefs, while empowering you with new TRUTH about how money works for you.You’ll also get links to my most favorite books that have transformed my mindset around money (the books are FREE!!)

And the best news? The videos, the content, it’s all yours FOREVER…

OKAY FINE, (since we’re being abundant here,) I’ll throw in even more!!

When you join this workshop, you’ll also get exclusive access to 2 bonus videos on money mindset–explaining how I built a coaching business from NOTHING, to $300,000 in revenue in the last 12 months alone.

So what are you waiting for?

Join this incredible new program and watch your life transform in ways you may have never thought POSSIBLE, by changing the way you think about money, and calling in more than you know what to do with!


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