Liv Talley | NYC's Premier Dating Coach and LOVE QUEEN

Creating Love

I found love through entrepreneurship...

My journey to love started when I chose to investment in myself and explore what my life would be like as a business owner.

The catalyst for change was certainly tied to a particularly bad breakup and a job loss, but the journey that created REAL, lasting love in my life (no longer tied to my dating endeavors) was when I decided to work for myself!

I love learning about history, traveling, all water sports, reading, and politics; I care about meaning and growth in life, my faith, my husband and family, being healthy, and my business.

My Mission and Vision

My mission is to bring genuine fulfillment to people! Being in a relationship won’t give you purpose, and being alone doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of living!

I see so many people tying their value to whether or not they are successful in dating; putting their lives on hold until they get married. This more often than not leads to failed marriages and resentment.

I want to show people how to create a meaningful life wherever they are, and how to identify a partner that will bring even MORE growth, depth and experience. Lasting relationships are founded on mutual growth and deep attraction.

I bring people to both on their own, so they can choose to share it with someone else

Do You See Yourself in My Story?

If any of what I'm sharing resonates with you, or you want to learn more, I want to connect with you! I'm sharing my story to inspire you to step into your own, unique journey to creating love in your life...

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