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Aligned Partnership Matchmaking: Free Profile

This application is to be considered as a match for OFFICIAL MATCHMAKING CLIENTS — this application, even if approved, does not guarantee dates, matches, or events and is a free service. It does not include coaching services or access to Liv.

If you’d like to apply to be a client, you can click HERE.

The Free Application

Please note: your information is private and will not be shared outside of this organization or for any use other than MATCHMAKING for registered clients — which may include invitations to mixers/events set up for clients.

By submitting this application, you are not considered a client of The Sealed Deal or Liv Talley. You are not entitled to any services or access to Liv or associated coaches.

Termination of your profile must be sent via email, text, or registered mail. Voicemail messages will not be accepted. Once the termination is in effect the membership cannot be reinstated or transferable to another person. Please note if you would to reapply after you terminate your profile, you will have to get approved again–automatic acceptance of previous profile will not be guaranteed.

Profile privileges are personal to profile and may not be sold, transferred, or otherwise assigned in any manner. Privileges shall cease and terminate upon the death of the applicant.


Applicant’s inappropriate conduct or behavior or behavior that is otherwise detrimental to the interests of The Sealed Deal, as determined solely by The Sealed Deal and Liv Talley is cause for Termination.

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