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How to Be a High Value Single

Hi my love,

Did you know that being a HIGH-VALUE SINGLE requires  just ONE quality that will impact *literally* every aspect of your life: SELF TRUST.

That’s it. HIGH-VALUE SINGLES trust themselves deeply–which gives them both CORE CONFIDENCE (not fleeting self-esteem) and the ability to take risks and create an incredible life. It’s what compels them to face rejection and get what they want. Can you imagine that? What would it feel like to stop FEARING rejection and actually be able to walk towards it boldly because of what you KNOW is waiting for you on the other side?

Self-trust arms you with hope and faith in what is not yet seen, to pursue what you want relentlessly. If you don’t commit to the goal, the dream, the relationship through the obstacles, how can you possibly expect to succeed?

Contrary to what most people perceive, having a lot of money + success + dating options doesn’t MAKE someone high value…

Rather BECAUSE they are high value, they make more money, have more substantial success in their lives overall, and are IRRESISTIBLE. Being high value is sexy AF. And if you don’t know whether or not people find you sexy, it’s very likely you aren’t high value.

LUCKILY, that’s very fixable. It’s not like a genetic thing you have to be born into. Being high value is a CHOICE!

At its core, it means you invest in yourself and what you want because you TRUST yourself to make the investment worth it.You trust your goals and dreams and heart to lead you to new heights, and you aren’t afraid to have skin in the game to see it happen.

Because you know it’s required, and you KNOW you will make the dividends, yourself.

There’s a reason the majority of my clients not ONLY get the relationship they’ve always dreamed of, AND 2-5x their income. (Learn HOW they set a vision and bring it to life with my workshop by clicking here)

There’s a REASON my clients start businesses and move to new places and consistently get what they want: they’ve CHOSEN to be high value.

They make the scary, intentional decision to learn how to get the most out of life. And then they commit to getting those results for themselves RELENTLESSLY—through the growing pains and fears and trials and things they have to shed.

They persevere

And they’re better off for it! So let me ask: are YOU a high value single? Do you get what you want?

Or are you still standing on the sidelines of your own life?

Everything changes for you when you make the conscious decision to change. But in order to do that, you have to be willing to step into the drivers seat of your life and stop accepting victimhood.

If you complain about dating, that’s victimhood.
If you believe “ALL GUYS” or “ALL GIRLS” are a certain type of way that prevent you from having love, victimhood.
If you can’t make dating (or life in general) amazing for yourself: VICTIMHOOD.

Anything that disempowers you, holds you back, or limits you that YOU BELIEVE, is you trapping yourself. It’s you holding yourself back. Ultimately, its you self-sabotaging because you don’t trust yourself.

At the heart of ALL your woes–be they dating, money, hating your job, struggling to make friends, etc–is a lack of internal trust. And the good news? YOU CAN CHANGE THAT. You can start to build trust within. Deeply.

This is the MAJORITY of the work I build on with my clients (NOTE: I did not say I do this with my clients. I expect all my clients to have a base level foundation of confidence in order to challenge them the way I do inside my coaching containers.)

Coaching is all about forward momentum. It’s about radical accountability, so that you can unlock qualities and capability that you didn’t even know were inside you!

I can’t convince you that it’s there. You have to know it, somewhere inside, so that we nurture it and bring it to life. That is CONFIDENCE. Being confident isn’t about never getting rejected, or never being scared, or never having doubts. Having true, core confidence means you can walk TOWARDS risk.

You don’t have to have all the answers or know how to do what you want to accomplish–you just have to have a base level trust that with some help, you can figure it out!

Being high value is being CONFIDENT. It’s believing your innate and divine value and asking for everything that you want because you know there is NOTHING you aren’t “worthy” of having. Worthiness perception is the basic litmus test to gage whether you are happy or not. Happiness is the state of being grateful for all that you HAVE, as well as all that you ARE. How can you love all that you are if you are constantly second-guessing your own “worthiness” of what you want?

Right? Read that again.


  1. You need to start small, and take risks, consistently. Something that will CHALLENGE you, but not wreck you. This could be approaching someone new, starting a new skill/hobby/business, moving somewhere new, making a new friend group, having a difficult conversation, or all of the above.
  2. Be your biggest cheerleader! Encourage yourself, appreciate yourself, write down things you like about you.
  3. Ask yourself what you want and START ASKING FOR IT.

In my opinion, living any other way is just…settling. AND if you need support stepping into your HIGH VALUE SINGLE mindset, I developed a workshop to guide you through the process of retraining your brain!!

K? Love you!!


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