Liv Talley | NYC's Premier Dating Coach and LOVE QUEEN


WHAT IF 2024 is the year that LOVE, CONFIDENCE, and MONEY become…easy for you?

What if that soft, emotional, feminine side you’ve been running from was actually the KEY to unlocking your most flowy, fulfilling life?

Inside this group experience, you’ll find out…

Welcome, beautiful soul

Introducing your host: Liv Talley — dating coach, relationship expert, and love queen

Hi there --

I am a RENOWNED dating coach with a 70% success rate for my clients getting into new, HEALTHY relationships -- most of whom meet their "person" within the first 3 months of work together...

I have been married for going on 4 years now, and my marriage ONLY gets better with time!

Marriage is a healing, expansive, and fulfilling space--if you know how to build it correctly!

Who you marry is THE MOST important decision you'll ever make, and I don't want you to make it without being equipped to do it RIGHT.

While the wrong partner will devastate you, an aligned partner will crack open your heart and world like you've never imagined!


Channeling Your Inner Goddess

What you’re going to get out of this 6 month group program:


You'll get access to my SIGNATURE dating program: Becoming Your Best Option. With 6 transformational modules that will guide you to self-awareness, acceptance, and CLARITY on what you're looking for in a relationship (and how to get it)


For the first time EVER, I'm teaching this program inside a group so you can experience the unparalleled support of community acceptance and true, lasting relationships with powerful women!


Learn the sacred art of EMBODYING who you are through outward expression (yes, I'm talking appearance) No more shrinking, no more watering yourself down for others, no more hiding. Just being ALL of you...


Understand how EASY dating, life, and yes--even money--get to be when you move in trust and let your life FLOW, instead of trying to control everything (and everyone!)


The logistics of the group:


This group is MOSTLY self-study in regards to the actual program material, with a private chat (that is available to you 24/7) and monthly group training calls to break down each module and learn how to apply it directly to you!

Starting in April, you’ll be in this group for 6 months to explore new facets of yourself, to embrace the sisterhood of the other women on the same journey as you, and to embark on a genuine healing journey that will set you up for LIFETIME success in building yourself and life with an aligned partner…


What you'll GAIN:

Getting the love you want, the life you dream of, and the support to make it all happen!

The Aphrodite Effect: Feminine Women’s Group is designed for the women who want life coaching and overall elevation of their lifestyle. This group touches on RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, and SELF-IMAGE so that you can relax into your own, divine essence. It’s time to let your inner goddess out…

Using my proven program, you’ll gain clarity on what you’re looking for out of love AND LIFE, you’ll develop the relationship skills necessary to build those things, AND you’ll step into the confidence of KNOWING that you’ll have exactly what you want and by tapping into your feminine power, you’ll be able to both trust and work intuitively until it all comes true…


Who this is for:

You’re a GREAT fit for this group if you’re an ambitious woman who has it *all* (except that special someone to share it with!)

This is also a fantastic group for any woman who wants to STRENGTHEN your current relationship, deepen your connection, and expand your lifestyle and INCOME…

Becoming the DIVINE FEMININE WOMAN includes tapping into your infinite power of attracting money (like more money than you know what to do with) and opportunities that raise you up to shine and share your light WITH THE WORLD.

Joining the Women’s Group is your step into your potential as a true, genuine goddess. You have an innate creative power within you that is bursting to be seen and shared.

Isn’t it time you tap in and see how extraordinarily supported you are?


What other women I’ve worked with had to say about my last group!


I did a coaching group with Liv and it seriously paved the way for the way my life has panned out these last few months (hint: I’m starting to reach goals I never thought possible and creating a career for myself that supports the most expansive version of me.) Being in the group felt so supportive - joining other women with similar growth mindsets helped to accelerate my own growth. Joining groups like this is a powerful way to bring your dreams & visions to life and make lifelong friends in the process. Im so glad I was a part of this! Working with Liv is both like putting fuel on a *magical* fire and wiping off the debris on a diamond - prepare to have you life up-level in ways you never thought imaginable before!


I loved Liv's group! It helped me get over a lot of the imposter syndrome I had...and form great connections with others. The trips were such a great way to connect with the others in the group & get us out of our normal routine to accept the new versions of ourselves we were creating. Overall, it was very impactful and beneficial. Highly recommend...

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