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Do you expect to be the exception?

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Everyone is getting engaged, married, or in relationships except me”? Did you know in that moment, you are setting the EXPECTATION to be the exception…and thereby denying yourself what you want?

It’s a common sentiment, especially in a world where we’re bombarded with images of happy couples on social media. But what if I told you that making yourself the exception to the rule doesn’t exempt you from the rules themselves?

If you’ve been following my social media, you might have noticed that I boast an 80% success rate for clients getting into relationships. How? It’s simple—I know the rules. Or, to be more precise, I know the laws.

You see, there are unchanging, biological laws of nature and the universe that are always at play, whether you acknowledge them or not. The highest law of the universe, often referred to as God’s Law, is the Law of Resonance. In layman’s terms: what you expect is what you will experience.

So, if you’re expecting that your new relationship or match won’t work out, chances are, you’ll be proven right. This is where my coaching programs come in. Firstly, I know the laws, and secondly, my clients assume that what I’m doing will work for them. And guess what? They’re right. Every time.

Henry Ford once famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” This statement perfectly encapsulates the Law of Resonance. Your expectations shape your reality.

What you want will be sacrificed for what you expect. Every. Time.

In other words, if you want to start getting what you desire, you have to learn how to play by the rules. And no, these aren’t your typical “dating rules.” (Anyone who claims there are specific dating rules doesn’t understand the biology or psychology of healthy connections.) Rather, you have to start living within the LAWS…

And the BEAUTIFUL thing about these laws, is that they are designed for your greatest good. If you learn them and live by them, you will gain access to a power within yourself that is beyond what you have ever been taught is possible as a human being. The Laws of the Universe, otherwise called God’s Laws, are the highest form of human consciousness.

Do you know how much life you’ll unlock by stepping beyond your conscious thought process and tapping into something…infinite?

That’s why I’ve created a whole VISION coaching space. Ooo I’ve been testing this out for the last year and a half and AS MUCH AS I LOVE to coach dating, this is equally powerful…

This coaching opportunity is a lifestyle and goal-setting/realization space where you can learn self-trust, alignment, and the energetics of how money works. Because let’s face it, your desired lifestyle needs proper funding. In this space, you’ll learn to calibrate to the life you want while you’re single and enjoying this season of your life.

Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect from my coaching program:

1. Understanding the Law of Resonance

Together, we’ll delve into the science behind CONTROLLING what you attract into your life–specifically concerning opportunities, travel, work, and money! I’ll help you understand how your beliefs and expectations shape your lived experience. By aligning your thoughts with your desires, you can start becoming the MAGNET for the life you truly want.

 2. Cultivating Self-Trust and Alignment

Self-trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. Through various exercises and techniques, you’ll learn to trust your intuition and make decisions that are aligned with your values and goals.

Most people behave out of integrity with what they say they want. Because its SO MUCH EASIER to say you want to grow, change, improve–than to actually do it. Your brain is acting to literally protect you when it leans into the comfort of what you don’t want, because it’s KNOWN, than into the discomfort of what you *do* want when it’s unknown…

That’s why I want to work through this process WITH YOU! I know it’s impossible to do alone!

3. Mastering the Energetics of Money

Money plays a significant role in our lives, including our relationships. You’ll discover how to create a healthy relationship with money, allowing abundance to flow into your life effortlessly.

Do you believe right now that money is HARD to make?
Do you believe money escapes you?
Are you shaming/judging yourself for wanting more money?

The thing is, I learned a long time ago that money acts THE SAME as any person you’d want to build a relationship with. If you are needy, desperate, fearful, and frustrated towards it…it will run from you. (Money can only EXPAND your current feelings about it!)

But if you train your mind to TRUST and rely on, and love, and spend and receive money with care…it will come pouring in to expand your POSITIVE feelings about it.

And I know, unquestionably, that its easier said than done. That’s why I’ll be walking the journey WITH YOU to build a healthy, thriving relationship with money:)

4. Goal Setting and Realization

Setting goals is crucial for personal growth and fulfillment. Together, we’ll define your vision for the future and create actionable steps to turn your dreams into reality.

You’ll create a vision board each quarter, and we’ll break down your OVERALL vision into bite-sized goals to bring your vision to life…right before your eyes! I’ve been doing this process myself for years, and it has worked consistently. I started coaching others through this process in 2023 and it has worked incredibly well for them, too. They’ve manifested things like:

>A trip to Rome
>TRIPLING their monthly income
>A trip to Egypt
>Starting a fulfilling business
>and so much more!!

5. Support and Experienced Guidance

Throughout your coaching journey, you’ll have my unwavering support and guidance. I’ll be there to celebrate your successes, navigate challenges, and help you stay on track towards your goals. I know how to help you transform your life because I’ve already done it. In EVERY imaginable way–I have changed my life.

From my job, to my income, to where I live, getting married, travel…my life is literally unrecognizable from what it was 5 years ago when I started this journey. And that is AVAILABLE to you. Right here, right now.

By investing in yourself and committing to this coaching program, you’re not just preparing for a successful relationship—you’re investing in a fulfilling and abundant life.

So, if you’re tired of feeling like the exception to the rule and ready to align your expectations with your desires,

BUT this coaching option is only available for 2 new people, and it’s only available until these spots are claimed. FCFS you feel?

Email me VISION ( to chat more and see if this 1:1 coaching option is right for you.

Let’s make the laws of love work in your favor. ✨

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