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Do You Know How Loved You Are?

All of my coaching is centered around stepping into your divine identity, and building a connection to last through eternity! It's about teaching you to recognize your intrinsic value, to share that with someone else. Dating is supposed to be fun! When you sincerely love yourself, you'll be able to create a better experience on your dates, and a better connection with the people you choose to spend time with

1:1 Coaching

Why 1:1 coaching?

By spending time learning the person you are right now, you create the person you'll become. Understand your patterns to build new habits, that create different outcomes for you!

You're in control of your efforts, and the outcome.

This doesn't come from forcing anyone to commit to you...

You control the outcome when you allow dating to be fluid.

I've done it, and I'll be your guide.


Creating Lasting Attraction Workbook

Tired of being told you're "too picky"? Do you wonder if you have to settle for someone you aren't attracted to in order to have companionship? Are you OVER being ghosted by the only people you do feel attracted to?

This workshop on CREATING LASTING ATTRACTION is a deep-dive into the complexities of attraction, breaking it down (and helping you map it out) into its 4 key components: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL.

When you're clear on each of these components and what they mean to you, it becomes easy to identify those who are a good match, and those who don't quite fit the bill--without the frustration or guilt!



Break Up with Being Broke Self Study Course

Ready to see your finances improve for good? My self study course around money is life (and bank account) changing! You get access to the recorded videos for the workshop, a workbook, affirmations and more...using this program, my clients have doubled their income, manifested raises/bonuses, received job offers out of the blue, and even tax refunds. Since I released this program in Jan 2022, it has generated over $20,000 for the clients who have gone through it. Click the link transform your relationship with money and let it work FOR you!



Build Your Confidence

You deserve to love and be loved. Do you believe you'll find someone?

Learn to Trust Yourself

Learn the importance of value and respect when it comes to how you spend your time

Create Lasting Connections

Create a life you love so you can share it with someone you love

Is Coaching Right For You?

  1. Finding yourself constantly commiserating with other singles?
    --I hate to tell you, but constantly complaining your friends about how horrible dating is won't make it better!
    What WILL make dating better, is shifting your mindset around it, AND having a support system that is in the same place as you.
    You're going to learn how to set boundaries around how you want to be treated, and have a community to respect and encourage them. (For many singles, this is something even family doesn't do!) 
  2. Feeling like you ONLY like people who don't like you back?
    --Chasing the wrong types of people comes from a lack of alignment with yourself.
    Whether because you're unsure of your needs, or because you don't believe you deserve someone who truly meets HAVE to learn what you want and WHY. This knowledge brings CONFIDENCE that you'll find it!
  3. Believing that there are multiple people out there for you, but you feel like you're not finding them?
    --You know your "list" you made of qualities you want in a partner? Did you know it may *actually* be what's keeping you single!?
    Finding someone wonderful comes with knowing how to identify people who can meet your deepest needs.

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