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Bachelorette Recap Week 7 (Charity)

Hi Bach Babes!!

Week 7 OVERNIGHTS is here and I have to say I love Fiji Charity. I love that they *finally* brought her somewhere fab, and she looks amazing. Like so amazing that Jesse low-key hit on her, lol. And I don’t blame him. She’s living her best life out there and GLOWING.


LOL he literally just said fb memes in the marriage ceremony. Charity of course reads something so negative into that, but weirdly not that it was cliche AF. Instead she’s like “wait why would you crush me?” and not “wait didn’t your grandma shared that quote on her wall yesterday?”

I think she knows that he’s not ready for marriage because…well, he’s not. Oof and she called it when she said he reminded her of her ex–and then he confessed to being unfaithful in the past. Which I give him a LOT of moxy for admitting and owning, but also that’s shady AF and probably would have been better shared earlier than 2 weeks before engagements.

She handled it pretty well, especially asking: what work did you do so that this won’t happen again?

OMG but the rest of this conversation was an absolute S*** SHOW. If at any point while we were dating, my husband said to me “it would be very hard to be faithful” like I’d be out. He just doesn’t have the experience to prove that he can be loyal. And that doesn’t mean he won’t/can’t get there! But at this point, I would say that he needs a LOT of personal development; not an engagement.


Holy heck. If anyone says that to you EVER, send them away immediately. Good on Charity for calling that out for the absolutely garbage it was.

“This is not Build-A-Man-Workshop” LOL that’s the best line that anyone has ever said in this entire franchise.


I honestly forgot to write about this date. And I feel like that’s all that really needs to be said about that.


Okay him saying he doesn’t know what happens at the end of this show is SO endearing. I feel like Dotun is the most genuine  (and also wholesome) guy I’ve seen on this show in a long time. Him saying that he didn’t think fairytales were real or for him and now he is living one is TOO FRICKIN MUCH. In the best possible way.

And she obviously likes him the most. Like she likes Joey, but she is head over heels for Dotun.

Their chemistry is so good, and while I’m the first person to advocate for “boring” love over the chaotic rollercoaster stuff, I don’t actually believe love is boring. I believe its safe, but it also lights you up and sets your heart on fire.

Watching Charity with Dotun shows how it goes to find someone that SEES you, that is safe for you, that isn’t going to mistreat or hurt you–and also that you have fun with and are attracted to and it’s exciting while still being “home.”

Joey is safe. That’s it; I don’t see their chemistry like she has with Dotun. Like Joey is a nice guy, and I’m sure he’d treat her well, but their dynamic is what it looks like to settle.

Dotun is what it looks like to choose something healthy, and also get everything you want. It’s this weird dichotomy where people think love is ONLY EITHER the lightning strike, burnout, high-highs and low-lows, OR it’s boring and safe.

There’s a BEAUTIFUL middle ground where you can find someone that accepts you and embraces you fully as you are, that also wants to run the world with you…

Okay now…Aaron?

They are really loving bringing people back for the drama this season. Idk why they did this AGAIN, especially with how mad it made Aaron! He was soooo obnoxious about it to Brayden, that him coming back just felt so lame. And unneeded in light of this being the most interesting episode in 3 seasons of The Bachelor.

Obviously she isn’t going to pick him in the end (she sent him home for a reason) so this isn’t really even worth writing about.


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