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Bachelorette Recap: MEN TELL ALL

Hi Bach Babe!!

This is the first MEN TELL ALL I’ve watched in years and years. Normally I skip this episode, and I actually planned to skip this one, but MY HUSBAND asked me if we could watch it. LOL.

So here’s your recap:

Just to start out, I know I’ve been vocal about how dumb Brayden’s looks have been–but I have to say he was WORKING that style on stage. Like he pulled that off and I’m pretty impressed.

What is NOT shocking though, is that fact that everyone wanted to attack him and put him in the middle of all the drama. The guys all WANTED him to be the villain of the season, but IMO he just wasn’t. Especially after seeing Aaron do the *exact* same thing with coming back after he was sent home. Not to mention that I feel like Xavier did Charity the dirtiest. And Sean was by far the most annoying personality on this season.

Brayden said/asked everything that a normal single person would say/ask. His reactions, his trepidation–while abnormal for what’s “expected” for the mechanics of the show–were much healthier than how the other contestants navigate the dynamics. I mean, the goal is MARRIAGE. Which our society takes too lightly these days. The fact that people were more upset that Brayden stepped outside the parameters of the franchise formula (“he should have known what he was getting into before he went on the show” type responses from the audience) is far more troubling to me as a dating/relationship expert than his deviation.

(Although truth be told, I don’t have *as* high hopes for him on BIP lol)

I’d actually LOVE if people on the Bachelor started fighting back against the setup.

Like it’s been 20 years, it’s okay to make some *much needed* changes.

In the first place, the success rate of couples on the show is abysmal. So obviously the purpose of it is NOT genuinely to help singles get married. That much is obvious.

But sure, let’s just operate from the assumption that the show is here purely for entertainment value. Even in that case, if we’re not taking it seriously, viewership is DROPPING. Bachelor is now one of the least watched dating shows. I’m actually part of multiple fanpage groups that discuss the series, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen people say they’re done watching the show.

I read an article recently that Chris Harrison is “gleefully” watching the demise of the franchise since his firing. And he’s right. It’s been downhill since they let him go as the host.

ANYWAYS–rant over, lol.

I didn’t actually have any idea who the guy was that they all came for and referenced to on social media, so that whole situation was not that interesting and kind of made all the guys look like petty a-holes.

What I was REALLY invested in was Charity talking to Xavier. I thought that conversation was fascinating and one of the most honest conversations the show has probably ever had. I loved the way Charity handled it, and while I don’t condone what Xavier said or the way he approached that situation with her, I did have sympathy for him in that setting.

My opinion is that he’s not a bad person–even if he is the secret villain of this season–I just think he needs to work through a lot of pain and correct some bad habits before he can show up as a good partner.

What are YOUR thoughts?

What did you think of this season?

Leave a comment and let me know!!

As always, ILY


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