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Bachelor Recap

Bachelor Week 2 Recap: Here Comes the Bride(s)

BACHELOR WEEK 2 RECAP: Here Comes the Bride(s)

THE FIRST GROUP DATE: Wedding Reception (wtf)

This week has probably the most contrived date seen on The Bachelor.

All the girls on the first group date of the season were told to put on wedding dresses and PRETEND like they’re each having a group reception with Joey.

It’s bad enough that this show has turned marriage into a game, with incredulous storylines and absurd competitions–but actually making the girls put on white dresses and participate in musical chairs to sit next to him at the table is a little too “on the nose” for me. Like they aren’t even trying, anymore.

If you have contacts over at the creative department at ABC, I’d like to have a word…

After all, these contestants (and yes, the proper term for anyone who goes on the Bachelor franchise is CONTESTANT, so it’s implied that its a competitive game show, NOT a romantic story of finding love) are in their 20’s and at least one is in her 30’s. As is made into such a big deal this episode. Why are the producers having them act like children?

That being said, props to Evalin for full commitment to that game. That was an impressive table hop and if I were the judge, I would have given her the seat on her moxy alone.

But ultimately, having the girls all wearing wedding dresses and giving toasts and having to watch Joey and Rachel dance their “first dance” and kiss is tacky AF. I’m disappointed in the quality of BN dates.

So let’s talk about the rest of the girlies worth noting this episode:

Maria is PEAK femme fatale. The girls better watch out for her. She’s Ms Steal Your Man, so I predict she’s the season’s designated villain–but I also don’t think she’s conniving like other season villains. She’s bold and probably puts her foot in her mouth a lot, but I like her.  Her and Joey have the most sexual chemistry, which is also why I don’t think he’ll pick her in the end.

(Our society REALLY over-prioritizes physicality. But that “can’t keep your hands off each other” connection is one that burns BRIGHT at first, and fizzles out. I would guess he keeps her til the top 4, but he will not propose to her. That’s why he gave the group rose to Jess, not Maria.)

Jess (is it me or does she look so much like Hannah B?) I can’t quite deal with. I think she plays the victim, and is manipulative. Anyone who emotionally dumps their past onto a new prospect is doing so to try to FORCE closeness with them. And while I don’t believe it’s malicious, it IS emotionally immature.

Lauren I’m glad self-eliminated because that girl needs seek support processing the passing of her father–not national television. My heart goes out to her and her sister.


Daisy seems like a super sweet girl. I can see her and Joey together living a v altruistic, meaningful life together. They have that similar low-key energy. Although I think Joey is looking for someone a little higher-energy to balance him out.


Tbh I don’t know why they don’t bring Demi on the show for every episode. I love her the most.

The second group date is the girls playing paintball, trying to steal the other team’s plush heart to win points. As far as Bachelor dates go, this one was more fun. Even if it was unclear what the rules were or how the paint actually played into the game–because lots of girls got shot and kept going so that didn’t fully make sense.

Edwina is adorable and I’m glad she won the time with Joey. Unlike Jess, she showed some raw vulnerability that is what a relationship needs. And here’s the difference: Edwina was leading with vulnerability about how she feels and who she is as a person, but Jess was leading with how she was hurt in the past by her ex.

In other words, Edwina was saying “here’s who I am, and a little about why, but I take ownership–and here I am, trying to behave different than my learned behavior.”

And for comparison, Jess was saying “someone else hurt me and now it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to not make me feel that way again.”

One is genuine vulnerability and the other is weaponized. The first brings you closer to the person you want to date, and the other pushes them away–if you want to build healthy connections, learning personal accountability is key.


Then of COURSE we go back to the house for more drama with Sydney and Maria–which is obviously going to leak into next week’s episode. It actually doesn’t make sense that Sydney inserted herself into the age-related drama with Maria and Medina. At least not from a mature standpoint. Given the sexual chemistry between Maria and Joey, though, it’s not a surprise.

Sydney obviously is a drama girl, and I’d guess she’s the season’s REAL villain.

After Medina made the comment that she felt “old” being 31 on The Bachelor, I totally agreed with Maria that she needs to calm down.

Sorry, but the therapy culture that EVERY emotion needs to be validated–especially by people who absolutely have no responsibility or authority TO validate those emotions–is false. And it’s making everyone a victim! It was NOT Maria’s role to validate Medina feeling old. And while Medina is allowed to feel that way, Maria is also allowed to call it out for feeling like it’s an absurd statement to call anyone in their late 20’s/early 30’s old.

Medina is a grown woman and can validate her own damn feelings–it is NOT Maria or anyone else’s obligation or responsibility to do that for her. And if she was not open to alternate opinions, she should have made her comments in private.

I’m sick to death of everyone demanding everyone else “hold space” for their every feeling. Get yourself a therapist if you need that.


I already like this season better than Zach’s, because I like the girls better.

And also because Joey might be the most handsome bachelor on this show–Zach, Juan Pablo, and Arie have been my top, but JP was SUCH a player and Arie + Zach lost their entire personalities on their seasons so their attractiveness lowers comparatively.

However I will never forgive the producers for the wedding reception date.

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