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Bachelor Recap

Bachelor Recap: Week 7

Week 7 of the Bachelor is here and it’s time for the recap breakdown

Off to Jasper, Wyoming

I’m LIVING for the locations on this season!! Joey took the last 6 girls to Jasper and it is breathtaking.

The first 1:1 date is with Daisy riding horses. This date was sweet, and I LOVED that Daisy told Joey that she wasn’t in love with him, but that she really liked him and was excited to introduce him to her family. Finally someone on the show is being genuine about their feelings inside this process (without being a d-bag like Brayden. Even though I actually genuinely liked Brayden lol.)

Daisy receives the date rose and is officially taking Joey home to meet her family. She seems cautiously optimistic, and I hope all goes well with hometowns for them.

Group Date: The lumberjills

For the group date, they dressed all the girls in flannel and had them chop wood and stress out about spending time with Joey. The pressure is on because he’s choosing which of the 6 he’s going to go home with, and he’s already given one of the 4 roses away…and I’m SURE he gives one to Kelsey T.

So really, there are only 2 roses up for grabs. And the girls are FREAKING. Including Maria who almost goes home and tells Joey that she doesn’t like the process and isn’t sure she’s comfortable bringing him home to meet her family when he’s going to meet multiple other families at the same time.

Which, is honestly fair. But I don’t think Joey can resist responding to her chaos with an attempt to bring her closer.

I said at the beginning of the season that I don’t think they end up together, and I stand by that. She is a wild woman, and Joey is not high-energy enough to keep up with her. And that’s why he’s so attracted to her, too.

He does not give out a rose on this date.

Polar plunge: Kelsey T 1:1

Joey and Kelsey T get together for a huge group jump in the FREEZING river–and as someone who *briefly* got on board the ice-bath thing, I would have HATED this lol.

But Kelsey has a positive attitude and seems to be genuinely excited about doing it. And that is why I like her! She’s just easy-going and up for crazy things, while also being a good/calming presence. I am liking her and Joey more and more together and I think their chemistry is good.

It’s so interesting, because when you’re young (and let’s face it, immature) you’re desperate for the connection like Joey has with Maria. It’s sexy and unpredictable and the attraction overpowers the rational thinking. You’re swept away in the connection and it screams fireworks and fun.

But, as we are seeing, that flame burns out…

The person you’re looking for is the hottest, most exciting and thrilling connection you can find. You’re obsessed with the butterflies and the chaos is (quite literally) addicting. But what you’re experiencing is actually a nervous system REACTION that is your fight/flight response. This relationship is heightening and lowering your hormone levels at such a rate that your body physically responds the same way it does to drugs.

This is ALSO why these relationships wreck you so hard. Your heartbreak is as much WITHDRAWAL as it is emotional rejection.

And then–after you learn and grow and REGULATE YOUR BODY–you start looking for the person like Kelsey T.

Obviously, you want to find someone you’re attracted to. And Kelsey is super cute! But so much more than that, she is emotionally safe. She’s fun (but not in a crazy/unpredictable way). She pushes Joey while also meeting him where he’s at. I hope she’s the one he picks because I think she has the personality, the chemistry, and the maturity to actually build a good relationship with him.

All the other girls are lacking one or more aspects with him (except Jenn, imo.)

Daisy is sweet, but so vanilla.
Maria is hot and chaotic.
Rachel is safe, but they lack sexual chemistry.

Kelsey gets the rose and is going to hometowns!

And in the end, he chooses Rachel and Maria as the other 2…

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