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Bachelor Recap Week 5 (Charity)

Hi Bach Babe!!

Can you believe it’s already almost hometowns?! They really blew through this season–likely because they want to air the Golden Bachelor…which I can’t even begin to describe how bad of an idea I think that is.

But let’s focus on the season at hand, and review some of these interactions because I have some JUICY thoughts.

1:1 Date: JOEY

Okay, someone on a fb page said that Charity and Joey have more of a “brother/sister” vibe, and despite how much they kiss, I kind of see it. And now I can’t UNSEE it. So now whenever they kiss I’m taken back to the moment in the movie theater, watching the new Star Wars, and they have Kylo Ren and Rey kiss and I leaned over to my brother and asked: “is this a throwback to the Luke/Leia kiss? Aren’t they related or something?”

Their date overall, too, was a snoozefest. Maybe Warwick was onto something.

I also don’t believe for one second she will choose him at the end. Which I’ve said from the beginning. He’s likely the next Bachelor.

Date rate: 3/10


Sean is BIP material, I’m sure he’ll thrive in Mexico. I just don’t buy it from him–he’s definitely trying too hard. I’m glad we’re seeing more of Tanner, but she obviously doesn’t like him, otherwise she’d have given him a date instead of giving both Dotun AND Joey multiple 1:1 dates. I expected her to send them BOTH home on that date.

Cruising the bayou was the most fun thing they’ve done this season, lol. But 2:1 dates are NOT in any way conducive to building a deeper connection. That’s such an awkward dynamic, and it can’t produce anything except drama. And this season wasn’t even interesting to get that out of it! Like sitting down with each of the guys and then sending the other to stand in the hall while they talk…I can’t even. And it seemed like Sean was EAGER to try to create some competition, but Tanner was so not having it. That was actually hilarious.

And speaking of Tanner, I can’t say definitively for the situation that he described about getting ghosted by his long term ex, but I can surmise a couple of things.

  1. He’s pretty guarded throughout this whole process. Maybe he’s just shy, but actually a LOT of people genuinely don’t know how to let themselves be visible inside a relationship. And yes, you can be “with” someone without ever truly sharing your heart with them.
  2. This is not ALWAYS the case, but I’d say most of the time, people who ghost (and I’m not talking about not responding after a first date,) do so because they don’t feel HEARD. Which CAN be due to an ability to communicate, or it can be just the last-ditch effort to send a message that has been trying to come out for a while. I’m NOT saying he’s a bad guy or the villian in that situation–but I also doubt he didn’t contribute to that outcome.

Date rate: 4/10

1:1 Date: DOTUN

He is her best match. I said that last week, but I think he’s the one who proposes to her and she says yes. Also, I did not realize how TALL he is but wow. That man is a glass of water lol. Also he’s a sport for running a race for their date–quite literally. They really RAN out of ideas for this season.

Not much to add beyond that, I call it for the two of them.

Date rate: 6/10

Also, the reason she kept delaying making a decision about Sean and Tanner is because she didn’t like them. LET THAT BE A LESSON FOR YOU!!

The inability to decide if you want to move forward with someone is almost ALWAYS because you *don’t* want to move forward with them. But you haven’t quite admitted it to yourself yet.

If you have to convince yourself to be with someone–it’s not it.

Also, if you have to convince someone to be with you (Sean)–it’s not it.

Love isn’t forced. It isn’t plotted or won. It’s intentional because you find someone WONDERFUL that you genuinely enjoy and you *want* to choose them every day.

I predict she has overnights with Xavier, Aaron, and Dotun, and that Xavier bails right after (I don’t think he’s ready for marriage,) and then she says yes to Dotun.

We will see!! Comment your predictions below:)


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