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Bachelor Recap (Charity): Week 3

Hi Bach Babe!!

Week 3 recap is HERE and this one has the memes. You ready?

First of all, they aren’t even going on “location” anywhere except to Oceanside. I can’t figure out if the Bachelor/Bachelorette gets to pick where they go, but if they don’t I’d be low-key pissed if I was Charity. Zach was allll over some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I’d fight someone.


Okay going on a helicopter is cool. If you’ve never been on one, do it asap. Also am I the only one who noticed one of the dudes flipped their copter the bird as it flew over? Lol. Not great.

Here it is, I like Brayden. He’s fun and young and a lot of his behaviors that bug, he will probably grow out of. (Hopefully he will also grow out of his current wardrobe.) I think it’s great that he is so honest with her, and from a coaching standpoint–his trepidation is WAY MORE REASONABLE than these dudes who are like “I would marry Charity right now.” It’s only week 2. Calm down, this isn’t BYU.

Do I think he’s really ready for marriage at this point? Maybe, maybe not. If I were Charity I’d date him for a couple of years before talking marriage–but obviously that’s not how this show ends. Which tbh is my biggest beef with the show. Rushing an engagement is detrimental, y’all.

But he’s TRANSPARENT. Letting her know that he was cheated on and so he feels sensitive to the process (yes, even though we all know what this process is) is a green flag, imo. I think it’s the most likely that he makes it to the top 3 and ultimately bails; but I don’t think he’s being dishonest and this is a risk for EVERYONE involved so yes, Charity could get burned by him but he’s only ever telling her that he wants to try.

Plus I love baseball (I forgive him for being a Padres fan) and I liked this date overall.

His biggest red flags are his earrings:

8/10 stars


Charity’s fit for the date is a 10/10. I’m LIVING for the bright pink. Recently on twitter I saw someone post that BARBIE is a yearlong marketing campaign that happens to have a movie at the end–which is HILARIOUS and accurate. I cannot deal with the fact that they had these guys dress up like Ken and sing to her. I literally fast-forwarded through it because it was so terrible.

I mean, can we just talk for a sec about how weird it is that the group dates are competitions that “win” the bachelor/bachelorette? I don’t generally consider myself a feminist (not this third wave feminism, anyways,) but this formula feels very “6 cows” to me. It’s also one of my gripes with the franchise.

OF COURSE SEAN WINS THE BARBIE DATE. That’s both predictable and validating of my theory that Sean is Jordan Kimball 2.0. Right, though? And nothing against him, like he’s a pretty human. However, they have ZERO chemistry, and I predict he goes home next week.

I wanted Caleb B to win that contest because he REALLY went for the song. And I want to see him more on this show. But I assume he also goes home next week.

2/10 stars


Omg. “I was reading the card and I couldn’t figure out who wasn’t on it because I forgot about Warwick” — Joey

If I were to sum up the entire date in one sentence, that’s it.

I’m dying. I don’t even have anything else to contribute regarding their date.

1/10 (they get a star because I love rollercoasters)


Listen, Aaron B is on my list now because he has ZERO RIGHT to tell Charity that Brayden isn’t ready for an engagement. He’s actively sabotaging, and it’s not a cute look for him. And Brayden called it 100% that Aaron B was selling him out from a place of insecurity.

“What Aaron B did just got Brayden more time with her. It was a bad plan” — my husband. He’s right though, and the guys are right to be mad at Aaron B. OBVIOUSLY Charity is going to keep Brayden around because let’s just be honest, she wants an assertive guy. So going after him just means he gets more time. This is almost ALWAYS how it goes on this show–except for Zach, who just sent everyone home if they sneezed wrong.

SPOILER: All women who are strong in their feminine want a man who is assertive, and Charity is such a grounded girl. I think she ultimately knows that he’s right in the fact that its psychologically healthy to have questions in the beginning stages. Hello, you NEED to have questions and reservations about marrying someone you don’t know if you want your marriage to stand a chance.

I’m definitely liking Dotun more and more. He was pretty low key at the beginning but every time she talks to him he seems genuine and endearing. I don’t think he’s the best match for her (I still think it’s Aaron B or Joey) but maybe he comes out of his shell more and changes my mind.

That’s it for the week 3 recap! Thanks for reading, and I love that you’re here.



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