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Bachelor Recap (Charity): Week 1&2

Hi bachelor babe–

Are you ready for some breakdowns of the first 2 episodes of the newest season of The Bachelorette?! If you don’t watch, feel free to skip this post (I’ll be posting weekly, but don’t worry–I’ll still be posting NON Bach dating stuff too!)

Okay so our girl Charity is this season’s Bachelorette and I have to say, she’s adorable. She’s just got this VERY sweet nature about here that is wildly endearing. I hope she finds love this season. Fingers crossed.

And realistically, this season has all the makings of a successful pairing. It’s interesting watching the series as a dating coach, because what makes good TV is literally the opposite of what makes great relationships. At least how the storytelling structure stands now. IDK why it’s so hard for reality shows to put interesting AND healthy people on the screen…well, okay probably because *most* well adjusted people are not seeking for that much attention, amiright?


So far the men on this show are seemingly…milquetoast. Nothing against them personally, I’m sure at least half of them are truly lovely gentlemen. But tbh this first episode was something of a yawn. Plus the whole “undercover brother” gimmick was very weird. Especially since he went with a disguise of Charlie Chaplin…when he could have NOT had a disguise at all and no one would have recognized him anyways.

I guess that’s what we’ve come to expect at this point with 20+ seasons.

MEN OF NOTE (well, the ones I remember from the first night):

SPENCER — this is the guy that would meet you at Church, ask you out, drive you to Squaw Peak for the date (no dinner bc it’s Sunday), and tell you he loves you. All in the same day. Not at all surprised he cried in the first episode. No shame, but definitely no surprise.

AARON B — Already my pick for Charity. First impression is that they seem the most compatible. I also like his two sided coin. Very BATMAN of him.

BRAYDEN — I’m sure he’s going to be the one everyone hates, but I kind of like him so far. He’s an oddball, and I LIKE that he came back from kissing her with more energy and confidence. Like what did everyone expect? She kisses him and he sulks the rest of the night? Come on.

SEAN — I low-key expect this guy to be the villain and he’s like the COVID BABY version of Jordan Kimball.

CALEB B — he seems like a blast. I hope he’s on the show all season. But I think this guy ain’t here for a long time but he IS here for a good time.

JOEY — this guy is insecure, although I’m confused why. He probably makes it to the top 3.

Brayden winning the first impression rose makes sense since he was pretty assertive with his time. He’s got confidence, and I think Charity likes the “take charge” type of guy. I don’t think they’re a good match — something tells me that Charity likes assertive but not “showboat” and unless he can tone it down, she will get tired of him.



Okay giving Aaron B the first 1:1 date was a GREAT call. Like I said earlier, I like him for her the best so far. I think they’re an equal energy, and seem to share the same values. Their date was probably the MOST boring date that I’ve ever watched from this show, and I can’t imagine how ABC hasn’t hired someone creative to come up with better ideas for that. Like I fast forwarded most of the date until they were talking at dinner once they compared their love to the HOLLYWOOD sign. I can’t even tell you why that was the most idiotic analogy to me, but I couldn’t take it.

Wait, yes I can. Because longevity isn’t the thing. It’s about how grand the journey together is! If Christian told me he wanted our love to be like some historic landmark, he’d better use something dope (and older than 100 years) like the Victory of Samothrace, because it’s arguably the coolest piece of art that we still have. Or the pyramids of Giza. Would I still think it was cheesy? Yes. But I’d have a better appreciation for it. (No hate, LA friends.)

“FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE” Brayden somehow managed to wear the worst thing I’ve ever seen anyone wear on this show. It’s probably good that Charity wasn’t subjected to seeing him like that or she would have been more offended than the Spring Break comment.

Speaking of horrible outfits though, I can’t be the only one who actually hates that this show has no problem objectifying the men like they do. Right? If they told all the women on Zach’s season that they *had* to play dodgeball in nothing but a string bikini, I think there would be a revolt.

So yes I fast-forwarded through that whole thing and was a little lost with the “VIP” drama, but my gut tells me it wasn’t worth going back to be in the know about.

Adrian seems like he wants as much attention as FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE Brayden, so of course they’re going to clash. I really had pegged Sean as the villain, but it looks like this could be another Chad V Alex level faceoff since she ended up keeping BOTH OF THEM.

Hopefully ABC is doing a better job vetting contestants since Chad Johnson, though. Yikes.

The record breaking kiss date was awkward AF, but Joey straight up VISIONED himself into that position, and I want to talk about that. Like, yes obviously I know it’s a show that’s contrived, but it’s totally effective and a sound process:

  1. He DECIDED he was going to win and created a whole moment around what he wanted AND PUT IT IN THE PAST TENSE
  2. He believed it would happen
  3. He spoke it into reality with bold action

And guess what? He got exactly what he wanted. This is along the lines of what I did when I decided I wanted to get better outcomes in dating. I started journaling on what I wanted, and then I started speaking it into reality. I told everyone that I was loving dating and that I was meeting the BEST guys–even before I met them.

I DECIDED what I wanted, and then I just fully-committed to that being the truth for me until it was! (I didn’t learn about the effectiveness of putting your desire in the past-tense until later…but that’s another post for another time.)

I’ll be interested to see how he does–especially because I don’t think he’s aware of what he did–but I could be wrong. Maybe he visions himself all the way to the proposal! We’ll find out.

I want to challenge YOU to try that out.

Get out a journal, piece of paper, or Notes on your phone, and write out a “scene” that you WANT to happen, as if it’s part of your history. Specifically in regards to dating! Maybe it’s the moment you decide you’re in love with your forever spouse, or a moment of gratitude with your kids running around your DREAM home. Whatever that moment it, I want you to create as much detail and FEELING inside it as possible until you believe it. Check back in here and lmk if it became real!

Overall, I think this season is likely to be one of the more boring we’ve seen (although it will be HARD to beat Zach’s season on that front.) BUT that also means it’s most likely to work out for Charity, and for them to last!

Tell me about your thoughts/takes in the comments.



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