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A look inside my 3 year anniversary


I love today. It’s our anniversary celebrating 3 years together–so I wanted to share some of my fave things about being a wifey with you!

The thing is, I see a lot of hate coming for marriage these days. Either people are not interested in it at ALL (I recently saw a viral TT video about how the institution itself is outdated and “bad” for most people,) or the people who do get married end up hating each other and get divorced.

In my opinion, it’s been a long time since our society has taken it seriously, and I’m here to lead the counter-culture uprising of people who LOVE marriage and why it has the potential to be the GREATEST, most sacred dynamic that any two people can create…


1. It’s the safest I’ve ever felt — Recently, I’ve been navigating a difficult personal situation. Talking it through with Christian, he made a simple statement that gave me so much peace: “you should’ve been protected from this a long time ago, but it’s my job now because I’m your husband.”

I see a lot of women who pride themselves on not “needing” a man. As a STRONG, independent woman, I can attest that I needed help from something I couldn’t even see UNTIL my husband stepped in.

Having a spouse who enters your life and sheds light on things you’re too close to see + supports you through them is one of the most healing things I’ve EVER experienced.

For what feels like the first time, I have someone completely in my corner, (who has no issue telling me when I’M the one who needs to check myself, lol) and who fights for me in spaces where I’m not AWARE. And then of course, when I do become aware, he encourages me to advocate for myself and then stands by me.

It’s an aspect of love that I don’t know I ever even thought about before, and it’s EVERYTHING. I realized there have been things in my life that I didn’t see as harmful, but when I finally looked at them and addressed them, my life transformed.

Specifically, a personal relationship that I never realized unhealthy was so, so unhealthy for me. Christian had been telling me since the first time he was introduced to this person–and I actively FOUGHT him about it because I was so deeply entrenched in it. Over the last few months, I had my eyes opened to what was really going on, and words cannot describe how much BETTER I feel overall having finally uprooted the relationship and having a partner to process it all with.

It has been devastating and freeing, and I am grateful for a husband who has held me through it.


2. Marriage so frickin fun — okay I know the first one was heavy, and I’m beyond thankful to have a confidant through the bad stuff. AND he’s my best friend through the good stuff:)

I LOVE celebrating with him, traveling together, and just waking up in the mornings and laughing about our crazy puppy waking us up by licking our noses.

In my experience, it’s been EASIER to find people who will support you when you’re down, than celebrate you when you’re up. That goes for friends, some family members, and guys I dated. I *hope* you haven’t experienced that yourself–but most people only tolerate an average level of success.

When things are good and I share them with Christian though, he’s SO GOOD at pumping me up and making sure I celebrate. It makes the highs higher, and it honestly makes the lows higher, too. Even when things ARE difficult, they’re better and easier to navigate since getting married to him.

My life overall, just feels…easier. Because I chose my husband deliberately; I took my time getting to know him and building a solid foundation of trust and conflict resolution and making sure we are aligned in our vision + values BEFORE we got married.


3. It triggers TF out of me — it’s *only* bc my relationship is such an emotional safe haven that I can be grateful for the triggers it brings out. I am capable of seeing myself more objectively, so that I can grow. I know I’m not being attacked or criticized, so when my husband brings something up (and it triggers me) I can RECOGNIZE that there’s something deeper to look at…and then I can move through it.

I love who I am since I met Christian. I FACE myself with him. I learned how to do that with my own coach before I got into this relationship–and it has made growing INSIDE my marriage so so so much easier. My relationship is something I CARE FOR, not that I “work on.”

I work on me, and I take the results and pour goodness into my marriage and you know what?

It makes my marriage easy…

People online LOVE to talk about how hard relationships are and how much effort they require. But the truth is: the harder you work on yourselves independently, the easier your relationship will be. Like yes, we still have disagreements, but we also just spent nearly 10 weeks together NON-STOP as we traveled Europe and Egypt, and you know what? We didn’t have a single problem between us the *entire* time.


Listen to me VERY carefully:

You aren’t meant to go through life alone. And your marriage gets to be your ultimate safe haven. It gets to be the place where you laugh the most and love the most and thrive.

I coach singles because coaching drastically improved the quality of my relationship

And I am SO PASSIONATE about showing you how much better life gets when you KNOW HOW to build a healthy, fun, supportive relationship. If you feel like this is something you struggle with, like it’s far away (or maybe even impossible) for you, I want to invite you to join my 1:1 coaching DIAMOND PACKAGE to get *the* coaching makeover of your life.

We cover dating skills, clarity, and aligning to your dream marriage, of course.

But we ALSO dive into the energetics of money (ie how to make it without working yourself to death,) how to build a LIFESTYLE that is luxurious and full, and how to fall in love with the art of being yourself…

This coaching package is designed as a PERSONAL RENAISSANCE, or a “rebirth” of your soul. Like the delicately crafted marble statues by Michelangelo, we’re carving away all the things that are NOT you, and revealing who you’ve always been underneath.

Beautiful, timeless, and to be ADORED. Just for being you…

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I am grateful for you! Have a blessed week and as always, feel free to reach out with questions at:


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