Liv Talley | NYC's Premier Dating Coach and LOVE QUEEN

How to Be a High Value Single

Hi my love, Did you know that being a HIGH-VALUE SINGLE requires  just ONE quality that will impact *literally* every aspect of your life: SELF TRUST. That’s it. HIGH-VALUE SINGLES trust themselves deeply–which gives them both CORE CONFIDENCE (not fleeting self-esteem) and the ability to take risks and create an incredible life. It’s what compels them …

Barbie: A Pithy Diatribe

Hi there babe, It is with a TRULY heavy heart that I write this blog post today. For MONTHS, we’ve all been bombarded with the rather brilliant Barbie campaign to promote what was advertised as a light, innocuous movie about a beloved childhood memory. Based on the colors, marketing, and general nostalgia for likely the …

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