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#1 Issue LDS Singles Face

Hey there, babes,

Today, we’re diving deep into the juiciest topic that keeps you all buzzing…

“Where on Earth are all the quality LDS singles hiding?”

Oh, honey, I hear you loud and clear! It sometimes feels like all the good ones are playing a game of hide-and-seek…and no one told you about it, right? But fear not, because they’re out there, and you absolutely WILL find someone incredible!

The truth is, finding a worthy partner might take time, effort, and a dash of courage.

  1. Ward and Stake Activities: First things first, don’t be a homebody! Get yourself out there and be active in your ward and stake events. It’s like a dating goldmine waiting to be explored. Attend social gatherings, service projects, and other church activities. Chances are, you’ll meet like-minded singles who are also on the lookout for love.
  2. Online Dating: Embrace the digital age! Online dating isn’t for “losers who couldn’t meet someone in real life.” There are plenty of reputable dating platforms specifically tailored for LDS singles. It’s a convenient way to connect with people beyond your immediate social circles and find those hidden gems you might not have met otherwise. Hello, Mutual App!!
  3. Education Institutes and Workplaces: Love can bloom in unexpected places. Keep an eye out for potential matches at your educational institutions or workplaces. There might be a fellow LDS cutie you haven’t noticed yet, who just joined the Institute Choir and is secretly hoping you will too…
  4. Volunteer Opportunities: Looking for someone with a heart of gold? Get involved in volunteering! Many LDS singles with strong values love to give back to their communities. You might find your forever thang while working together for a good cause. Moving people in your ward, FSY, Helping Hands, going to the temple, etc.
  5. Mutual Friends and Social Circles: Never underestimate the power of your social network. Let your friends and family know you’re single and ready to mingle. They might just introduce you to someone who’s perfect for you. After all, who knows you better than the people who love you? I met my husband through his roommate (I was invited over to their house for Come, Follow Me). Christian was 34 and I was 26, so we wouldn’t have come across each other at church, but since his roommate came to my ward, it all worked out!
  6. LDS Conferences and Retreats: Pack your bags and get ready for some adventure! Attend LDS conferences and retreats. These events bring together like-minded individuals from various places, creating an excellent opportunity to find quality singles who share your beliefs. Duck Beach? Huntington Conference? There’s one coming up in Provo that’s supposed to be ‘uge!
  7. Hobby and Interest Groups: Don’t be shy about pursuing your passions! Join clubs or groups that align with your hobbies and interests. Not only will you have fun doing what you love, but you’ll also meet people who share your enthusiasm.
  8. Temple and Institute Activities: Make the temple and institute part of your social calendar. Many LDS singles actively participate in temple and institute activities, making it a great place to connect with others who are serious about their faith.
  9. Be a Quality Single Yourself: Lastly, my darling, focus on LIVING A DOPE LIFE. Hyperfocusing on dating creates…desperation. And that’s not cute. You WILL FIND SOMEONE. But not if you’re going around, stressed out about it all the time, and incapable of just living for you. Nothing–and I mean NOTHING–is more boring than sitting across from someone who is desperate to get married for the sake of getting married (or loneliness.)
  10. HELLO MY DATING SHOW!! Yes, I am currently in the process of developing a dating show that specifically highlights the dating scene within the LDS community. And we are taking applicants…CLICK HERE to create your profile!

And there you have it! The secret map to where those elusive quality LDS singles might be hiding. Remember, finding the right person is all about intention. So go be intentional, and optimistic, and YOURSELF. (But also, with relationship skills.)


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