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About Liv

Liv has been coaching singles for 5 years, after writing about dating for the last 13 years. Averaging a new marriage every 3 months, Liv has developed a proven effective process and program to navigate the waters of modern dating. Modeling her process after her own journey to finding lasting love, It has become the GO-TO process for singles ready to elevate their life and welcome an aligned partner.

She has been featured as an expert on, Yahoo Entertainment, and was rated the #1 Dating Coach for women ready to find love by

With a success-rate of over 85%, Liv has begun pivoting her coaching business into a Matchmaking  Service for those looking to find love on YOUR timeline...




1. You're a wealthy AF, successful woman, ready for an aligned partner to share life with
2. The life you dream of co-creating is calling to you, but you are still living the way you think you're "supposed" to, rather than in the ways that sets your soul on FIRE
3. You know you're meant for more--greater impact, your own family, and higher income levels--but you have felt STUCK and can't pinpoint why things aren't working out for you taking the next steps in life
4. You want to shift from doing it all yourself, to being deeply supported and taken care of by your man
5. More than a marriage--you want to step into EXPANSION and build heaven on earth RIGHT NOW


How Can I Help You?

Liv provides matchmaking and personalised coaching services for clients anywhere in the world, to empower you to feel positive about your life, relationships, career and health.

Some of Liv's clients enjoying happily ever after

(For privacy, we only share a handful of clients)

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