Liv Talley | NYC's Premier Dating Coach and LOVE QUEEN

Hi babe, I'm Liv

My name is Liv and I'm the coach you hire when you're ready to ELEVATE into loving your life from every possible angle
(I average a new marriage every 4 months, my clients typically 2-5x their income, move to more aligned cities, and travel the style. Usually designer.)

Working with me the key to stepping into what you want FASTER than you ever thought possible


1. You're a wealthy AF woman who is ready for an aligned partner to share life with
2. The life you dream of co-creating is calling to you, but you are still living the way you think you're "supposed" to, rather than in the ways that sets your soul on FIRE
3. You know you're meant for more--greater impact, your own family, and higher income levels--but you have felt STUCK and can't pinpoint why things aren't working out for you taking the next steps in life
4. You want to shift from doing it all yourself, to being deeply supported and taken care of by your man
5. More than a marriage--you want to step into EXPANSION and build heaven on earth RIGHT NOW


Articles on Dating

Do you expect to be the exception?

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Everyone is getting engaged, married, or in relationships except me”? Did you know in that moment, you are setting the EXPECTATION to be the exception…and thereby denying yourself what you want? It’s a common sentiment, especially in a world where we’re bombarded with images of happy couples on social …

Bachelor Recap: Week 7

Week 7 of the Bachelor is here and it’s time for the recap breakdown Off to Jasper, Wyoming I’m LIVING for the locations on this season!! Joey took the last 6 girls to Jasper and it is breathtaking. The first 1:1 date is with Daisy riding horses. This date was sweet, and I LOVED that …

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